This here is my 1964 Cessna Centurion, 210 D with its IO 520, 285hp, and 6 seats, retractable gear.

This here is my 1964 Cessna Centurion, 210-D with its IO-520, 285hp, and 6 seats, retractable gear-cross country time machine. The rear two seats fold up or down flat, they are for children or a small person Around 100 lbs or less. This plane will fly at 199MPH, cruise is 190MPH, runs strong, Aprox 1400 LB useful load. Its last annual about 9 months ago. We installed ADSB out tail beacon this year.
Carry the whole family and all the goodies, Fly fast at aprox 14 GPH. We put in four adults and four fold up electric bikes and still go in-and out of a 2000 ft grass fields.
Located KHWV Long Island NY and can fly it home to anywhere in the world. I might be willing to assist in the ferry for a fair-going rate. But the deal must be paid for first.
A great cross country hauler, We flew it from California to Long Island NY in one day when it was purchased few years ago.
Upgraded Monark Wing Tanks and fuel caps 68 gallons. New Elevator four years ago. New LED taxi and landing light system, Paint is in decent shape on most of the airplane, front/lower parts of engine cowling needs some paint touchup.
Note: Please serious bidders only, we already had a few winning bidders who never showed up, Deposit is non refundable. No refunds, and no guarantees or warrantees.
New Tires and tubes. Good Years Flight Custom 3.
Needs to go to a good home where it will get the love it needs. We must sell it ASAP, other financial priorities lately, and to many airplanes in the family.
A very basic panel but everything works fine. Plane trims out true and steady, flys straight hands free.
Upgraded seatbelts. Duel, centered double shoulder straps on four seats, I think they are AM-SAFE seatbelts.
Note: This plane is also listed on Barnstormers and going onto other sites, we do expect to sell it this quickly so if you are a serious buyer, reach out with questions, I dont think this will take to long to sell.
Meticulous Log books. The times are aprox, 6000 TTAF and 1300 something Engine SMOH. It is registered under my company name, We own this about three years. Compressions, good - no air leaks. 1 = 74/80 2 = 70/80 3 = 70/80 4 = 70/80 5 = 78/80 6 = 70/80
Engine starts on the dime, and runs perfect everytime!
I will mention a few items that need to be repaired by the purchaser:, 1. The passenger door handle wiggles, it is loose, perhaps the handle needs to be rebuilt internally. 2. The lower engine cowling has chips in the paint, needs touch up or paint work.
Info regarding its performance,
I can consistently land it and stop in about 700 ft.
We have had it up to 15,000 ft and it was still climbing at 600 ft p min no problem.
Second row seats do pop right out for large cargo items.
40 degree flaps, barn doors, this thing slows down to a crawl, feels gentle like a 172 sometimes. The reserve is set at $65,000. and the buy it now for $69,999.00.This is a lot of airplane for the money and I doubt that any other good 210 can be found at this price.
No signs or concern of any major corrosion.
Current date: 2021-12-28