New INSECTA TECH DragonFly6 Flight Simulator Up for sale is a fully featured DragonFly6 motion.

Condition: New

INSECTA TECH - DragonFly6 - Flight Simulator Up for sale is a fully featured DragonFly6 motion simulator complete in flight trim. Our motion system has less than 10ms response time with high speed actuators allow for accurate data tracking providing realistic instant feedback, smooth and silent motion. DragonFly6 also comes with the silent platform update, reducing platform noise significantly from high speed shakes and vibrations. Requiring a total power supply of only 2KW, our simulators are suitable for home use. With a large range of motion giving sensation of high roll angles. The closest you will find to flying a real plane. See more here: https:/ here Our onboard controller allows for instant adjustment to speed, travel limits and smoothness, while at the same time also adding hardware level start/stop allowing for starting and stopping of the simulator while the game is running and also an emergency stop and homing feature. See more here: https:/ here Each component is machined to high tolerances and finished perfectly. Our machines are not lego built from off the shelf parts, 95% are designed and produced in house to fit the overall style. Included in the purchase is the following: INSECTA TECH 6-Axis motion simulator platform (DragonFly6-Belt), fully functional, plug and play. Seat. Samsung CHG90 Display. Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and Thrustmaster Rudders. Gaming PC, 512GB SSD, 32GB RAM, Core i7-9700K CPU, Nvidia RTX2080 GPU. Includes all licensing and 2 gaming titles preconfigured. Tactile Feedback (Bass shakers). Audio System. Packaging. Installation and setup instructions . 2 Year Warranty. Unlimited email support. Note that images may be of a DragonFly6 in race trim. This sale is for a machine in flight trim only. Terms and Conditions. Once a bid has been placed, it is a legally binding contract of purchase Payment must be received within 4 working days of purchase, however if this is not possible, please let us know to discuss solutions. If payment is not received within 7 days of purchase then a Non Paying Buyer Dispute will be filed, and 10 days later a final fee credit lodged. You will be notified on the day that your goods have been despatched via e-mail. Please note that if there are any problems, contact us first via e-mail giving full details of any problem along with your user ID. 21 days after we have despatched your order, if we have not been notified by you of any problem, or received feedback, we will send a feedback reminder. All goods are sent air freight to the customers nearest port, the customer is responsible for clerance. Goods will be despatched within 30 Business days of cleared funds, subject to the conditions listed in the payment section above. We accept no responsibility for goods delayed due to any conditions that are out of our control.
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Current date: 2019-06-12