Up for auction is a 1946 Ercoupe 415D. N3070H has Metal wings with all panels installed for.

Condition: Used

Up for auction is a 1946 Ercoupe 415D. N3070H has Metal wings with all panels installed for inspection, rudder pedals, Gyro panel, comm radio transponder and encoder. The engine is a continental C90 with around 100-125 hrs on it since overhaul, field overhaul 2003 when it was installed, looks good runs perfect. Compressions are all 72 or better, good oil pressure. The windows are very good, the paint is faded on the top of the wings and back of fuselage. It is not hard to repaint these areas but I don"t paint in my hangar due to overspray. It has a gyro panel, electric start, generator, decent seat, nice floorboards good battery ect. I don"t need it and have to sell. The airframe log book starts in 1987 with 1000 hrs TT. I have inspected the airframe and have found no corrosion anywhere. I own it free and clear, About 1775 TT all engine logs, Remember an hour of flying time goes in the book as an hour no matter what single you are flying. Why pay those stupidly high prices to rent a plane to time build? This burns like 5 gal/hr and you can fly it to build time cheap then resell. This is about as cheap as you can buy any certified aircraft especially with a low time engine. It is located at Spruce Creek Fly in, just south of Daytona Beach Fl. Call me with any questions, make a good offer and it can be yours. I don"t have the room for it right now so it has to go. This is NOT A LIGHT SPORT. it is a D. I have it listed in another medium so it may end at anytime with the right offer. Best of luck to all. Please inspect the aircraft prior to end of auction. William OBrien
Located in Port Orange, Florida, United States.
Current date: 2018-08-08