New 1997 GlaStar Kit For Sale A Stoddard Hamilton sport plane kit that is partially assembled. Year.

Condition: New Model Year: 1997

GlaStar Kit For Sale A Stoddard-Hamilton sport plane kit that is partially assembled.
"Year after year the GlaStar has receive top honors at Oshkosh, Sun-N-Fun, and other fly-ins. The GlaStar has exceptional safety, ingenious folding wings, and the best assembly manuals in the industry. Designed for the first time builder, it features durable, modern construction, and aerospace-grade materials throughout."
Photos show current stage of assembly.
Fuselage length 22 ft, 4 in
Wing span 35 ft
Cabin width at hip 44 in
Useful load – typical 710-760 lbs.
Top speed – 160 hp 167 mph
Stall speed – full flaps 49 mph
Range 1,008 miles
"Jump-Start" Fuselage
"Jumpstart-Option" Wing
Electric Trim
Tricycle option
Heated Pitot Tube
Tail Kit
Electric Elevator Trim Kit
Option Fuel Tanks
Nav/Strobe Light Installation Kit
Cabin Heat Valve
Wing Jig Brackets
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Cabin air vent
Location: Silver City, New Mexico
Located in Silver City, New Mexico, United States.
Current date: 2018-06-07