Notes: “ Airplane has always been stored in clean dry trailer With wings and horIzontal stabelizer.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Airplane has always been stored in clean dry trailer With wings and horIzontal stabelizer removed and hung alongside on wall practically dust free ”
Model Year: 1986 Make: CGS. HAWK

CGS Hawk three axis control ultralight or sport airplane you weigh it and choose wether you want to go sport airplane or take off something to make it lighter, a low time slow, good trainer airplane never crashed , powerful 40hp Kawasaki motor, with electric or pull start option, heavy duty landing gear,lower observation window,strobe,wing lights,airspeed indicator,cyl head temp,more. Good platform to practice orientation, taxi, takeoffs, landings, for instance takeoff one end of runway at slow speed fly low and land on same runway. (See photos) Save money, Student pilot friendly after a few lessons and pay for this plane. Learn in your own plane at your own speed . Cheaper than many motor cycles, and you are looking down on the landscape below, its your choice aviation or ground pounder!? Comes with new heavy duty battery and new fuel hoses .Always stored dry and clean, make your reasonable offer, get it to your location, practice, taxi the airplane, orient yourself with the airplane, make any changes you would like, maybe add radio or GPS, it is of tubing structure, handy got talent? make it a two place tandem or side by side, or add more power got talent? You can! good winter project !materials available, but first you have to buy it, you can?!
Located in Saginaw, Michigan, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-06