Notes: “ This is an affordable warbird to retore and to own and operate with an iconic history. ”.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ This is an affordable warbird to retore and to own and operate with an iconic history. ”
Model Year: 1951 S/N 51-7705 Make: North American Aviation

This is a historic T-28A that has not been modified from the original version transferred to Mexico as number 31 of 88 aircraft to upgrade it"s Air Force in the 1950"s. As S/N 51-7705 it has the increased fuel capacity, 4" lower canopy and absence of the tri-post of the later A models and continued into the the B and C models. It has two hard points on the wings for armanment and a center cockpit armament console (Mexican version with actual pull cables to drop bombs). No gunsight, bomb/rocket racks or gun pods are included in this project sale. Serial number look-up on the US Air Force registry indicates aircraft was in US Air Force service from acceptance in 1953 until being sold as part of the Military Assistance Program to Mexico in 1958.
This project comes with two Curtis Wright R-1300-1B radial engines. One came with the aircraft and now has had the accessories and cylinders pulled and put on pallets. The crankcase, crankshaft, master rod and other connecting rods look like new on this engine. Only a couple cylinders that had their valves open show some internal rust. A second engine was purchased as a full Quick Engine Change (QEC) unit. It is still fully assembled and on the original storage pallet as prepared for storage and shipment to a depot level facility for overhaul many years ago. This engine had been stored indoors under a tarp for many years. At some point the lower dessicant plugs were removed from the engine cyliders and not replaced, so there may be rusting in any cylinders with the valves open. The second engine was purchased to provide spares for the first engine (or vice versa). Between the two of them I think that you will have everything you need to assemble a working engine. Obviously, the engine should be overhauled by a qualified mechanic or repair station prior to flight, but this set will likely make a good operational engine for overhaul. I an told that good R-1300-1B crankshafts alone are worth $4-5K and pistons are also valuable in the T-28A market. Even after assembling an operational engine you will have a number of good spare parts to hold or sell. The first engine has all accessories (magnetos, carburator, fuel pump, starter, generator, hydraulic pump, tach, etc) and the second one has all the same accesories except the starter and generator. Both engines have data plates, but no logs. I do have complete parts manual, service manual, flight manual and structural repair manual for the aircraft and the parts and overhaul manuals for the engine.
The aircraft itself is nearly complete. The cockpit will require all new plexiglass for the canopies due to crazing of the plastic with age and a new front windsheld safety glass plate. The flight controls and side panels are intact with associated controls, switches, breakers. lights etc. Missing are the front and rear intrument panels and radios. The panel mount bezels and hinges are present with only the flat plate cutouts for the instrument panels themselves required. I do have some loose intruments including the fuel gages, MAP, and flap indicator and landing gear indicators from the aircraft. The structure is all present and generally sound with good zinc chromating of the interior fuselage, wings and tail surfaces. It is a restoration project with a number of dents some metal gouges from handling and shipping. It also has some corrosion of a few parts characterisitic of it"s age. Nothing that isn"t easily replaced and none in the spars or other major structural elements. All hydraulic system components appear to be present, The landing gear"s chome struts look great. This is more of a project in clean-up, sheet metal work and re-painting than in finding parts. The aircraft also has a dataplate, but no logs.
In case it is not obvious the first photo is from when the aircraft was in service with the Mexican Air Force. All the other photos are current pictures of the restoration project. Prospective bidders are encouraged to contact the seller and come see the aircraft and independently assess it"s condition at the Newport, OR airport before bidding.
The item is being relisted after the last auction winner failed to perform or communicate after bidding to win the bid over others. I am now listing the item at a fixed price of the same amount as the last winner bid. First person to click Buy It Now and make the required immediate $500 deposit via PayPal gets it at that price . Note: This sale includes two engines as well as the complete airframe. It is being sold at an excellent price due to my need to clear this project from my set of projects (house building, college, sailboat refurb, etc) and transfer money into the house build.
Located in South Beach, Oregon, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-17