New 2019 North Wing zero hours flown (only test flown) always on hangar in San Diego, CA. extras.

Condition: New Model Year: 2019
Make: North Wing

zero hours flown (only test flown) always on hangar in San Diego, CA. extras: Carbon fiber adjustable propeller Front Wheel Disk Break 5 Gallons Fuel Tank Two Side Bags Instrumentation includes:
Engine Head Temp / Exhaust Gas Temp Altimeter, 12V Outlet and airspeed The ATF Soaring Trike (ATF = Air Time Fix) adds power to your hang glider so you can climb to the thermals and power-off for lightweight trike soaring! You can use your hang glider with the ATF Trike, or use our specially-designed Solairus 16.8M wing which has been built specifically for lightweight trikes, with a state-of-the-art airfoil design. The strutted, double surface Solairus 16.8M wing provides best performance for cross-country, has a great sink rate and slow-speed handling, and is best for short-field take-offs. No mountain, no problem! Imagine! Ascend effortlessly up to cloudbase. Shut the engine off and soar in silence with the birds all afternoon. When the lift gets light, pull the overhead starter and fly back to your flying field. ATF Trike · Specifications Weight 102 lbs. Empty Weight 186 lbs. Gross Weight 550 lbs. Climb Rate Approx. 300-500 FPM Sink Rate 220 FPM Glide Ratio (L/D) 10.5 : 1 Wheel Base W-62" (outside) Wheel Base L-61" (front-to-rear) Height - Trike folded 2.25 feet w/o prop Smallest Size folded W27" x H30" x L55" For Light Trike weight of 90 to 170 lbs.
Speed references on flex wings are +/- 10% Sail Area 16.8M 181 sq. ft. Span 34.3 feet Nose Angle 126 degrees Aspect Ratio 6.3 Stall at 490 Gross 22 mph Trim Speed 28-34 mph Top Speed 45 mph VNE 53 mph Sink Rate @330 +/- Gross 235 FPM Wing Weight 84 lbs. Wing Length folded 18.3 feet Glide Ratio (L/D) Engine Specs ( simonini mini 2 plus ) Displacement (cm³) 202 Bore (mm) 66.4 Stroke (mm) 58 Compression Ratio 10.5/1 Power Hp 26 kW 19 RPM 7,200 Weight of the engine with: exhaust, air filter, propeller 13 Kg /29 Lbs you are saving more than $ 6,000 USD , this is a great opportunity.
Located in National City, California, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-23