This is the original Volmer Jensen VJ 22 named Chubasco. It was damaged in a landing accident.

Condition: Used

This is the original Volmer Jensen VJ-22 named Chubasco. It was damaged in a landing accident several years ago. The hull and wings were damaged but the original wings could be rebuilt with new spars and 7 or 8 ribs. The front of the hull was damaged with some ripple effect damage to the fuselage all the way back past the rear spars making the hull more difficult to repair than just building a new one. All the parts are in great shape and every piece of the original airplane is there, right down to the original Data Plate and all logs. The original, very rare Cont. 0-200B Pusher engine and prop is also included with less than 700 SMOH. The engine was run before we removed it from Chubasco to begin restoring and painting the engine pylon which turned out great.
This plane would be perfect for someone who wanted to build a Volmer and needed every single part, including the engine to finish one. Remember, all of the Volmer plans were drawn up from this plane so everything will fit perfect. This plane at one time should have been in a museum but. . ., - it happens. . so here you go. Call if you need more info.
Located in Ferndale, Washington, United States.
Current date: 2019-05-27