Notes: “ I bought this aircraft from a Quicksilver dealer’s going out of business sale. It only has.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ I bought this aircraft from a Quicksilver dealer’s going out of business sale. It only has 15.4 dealer-flown hours total on the airframe and engine since new. Their workmanship is outstanding. With the 100 HP power plant it launches and climbs like a turboprop. Upon purchase I removed the wings and tail assembly and secured it all, along with the new float package, inside my air-conditioned hangar until now. My plan was to retire and move to the land of many blue water lakes. Unfortunately, that move will likely never happen, so here I sit surrounded by nothing but muddy river water that I have no desire to play in. I own several other airplanes and no longer have the interest or open hangar space necessary to fully assemble and keep this Sport 2S inside where it belongs. It needs a good home. ”
Model Year: 2008 Make: Quicksilver

This Sport 2S features a very robust 100 hp German engineered, Hirth 3701 engine complete with electric start, fuel injection and a 1000 hour TBO.
The engine drives a centrifugal clutch in a G-40 Gearbox that is perfect for floatplanes because the prop will not turn to produce thrust while the engine is being started or just idling. The adjustable four bladed, carbon fiber propeller is a 74” Warp Drive with nickel leading edges. The Grand Rapids EIS monitors the engine’s RPM, Oil Pressure and Temp, Coolant Temp, EGT, CHT, Voltage and Hobbs, in addition to displaying the flight instruments; Airspeed, Altimeter, Vertical Speed and Flight Timer.
There is a 12-gallon fuel tank for increased endurance. Dual landing lights are installed along with three anti-collision wing and tail strobe lights. This Sport 2S has never been on floats but it does include a brand new pair of 14’ KeyWest fiberglass floats that have internal storage compartments along with the Full Lotus float mounting hardware and gear. These floats have a rated buoyancy of 1300 lbs each.
This floatplane can further be rigged for amphibious fun with the brand new electrically retractable, main landing gear actuator assemblies that include mounts, additional wheels, tires and brakes. The sail fabric is in excellent condition having not been exposed to the elements, excessive heat or the sun while in storage.
The aircraft has no damage history. It will need a new battery, and the fuel system will require cleaning. There are no other known issues.
As they were going out of business, this Quicksilver dealer had not yet documented the build or registered the aircraft, so it was sold to me as an unassembled Quicksilver Sport 2S kit. I also have done nothing with it therefore, to assist the new buyer in getting it registered, it will again be conveyed with a bill of sale as an unassembled Sport 2S kit.
Located in Elizabeth, West Virginia, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-05