Notes: “ Lycoming O 235 engine runs, check out: https: watch v=TavU3W4 Yfo Aircraft.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Lycoming O-235 engine runs, check out: here Aircraft needs total restoration before flight. Had a hard landing according to FAA, I cannot find any structural damage. Fabric needs replacement. ”
Model Year: 1969 Make: Stits

Stits SA-7D Skycoupe, Experimental Aircraft, I believe this aircraft is complete with exception of a prop cone. This aircraft last ran July 2018. 100 HP Lycoming O-235 engine with 368 HRS. Deregistered in 2000, then donated to UT Community College where it was used as a training aid. According to the FAA, the aircraft is eligible for registration (I have document) once it is put back together again, although I would restore it before flying it. Wings removed for easy transport. I have all FAA documents to include Flight Worthiness Certificates / Flight Limitations, Aircraft Registrations and other important FAA documents. Can deliver for extra $$.
Follow these links to see the aircraft running: https:/ here in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States.
Current date: 2018-10-27