If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a personal jet, now is the time! First truly practical and.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a personal jet, now is the time! First truly practical and affordable personal jet for recreational flying. This was professional assembly from a Quick built KitProfessional Paint Job, Top instrument pack include Dynon display.
The first benchmark on the SubSonex "reality checklist" is the fact that the aircraft has become a reality as an affordable Quick Build Kit. When you are flying a SubSonex.
Nobody can deny that every pilot’s fantasy is to own and fly a jet! The SubSonex is designed to capitalize on new generation small turbine engines to give pilots of more average means the title of Jet Jock. SubSonex is all about taking a thrilling rocket ride around the neighborhood!
Look for "low pass Subsonex" in Youtube here INCLUDED!!!!!
SpecificationsSeats:1Length:16" 6"Wing Span:18"Wing Area:60.0 sq. ft.Tail Configuration:Y-TailTail Height:60.5"Tail Width:74.25"Total Width w/Outboard Wing Panels Removed:76"Air Foil:64-415Primary Structure:6061-T6 aluminumGear:Tri-Gear, RetractableCockpit Width:24 in.Fuel Capacity:40 US Gal. (useable with safe foam)Stall Speed, Landing Config. (Vso):58 mph [93.3 km/h]Stall Speed, Clean (Vs1):64 mph [103 km/h]Max Flap/Gear Speed (Vfe/Vle):125 mph [201 km/h]Maneuvering Speed:157 mph [252.6 km/h]Never Exceed Speed (Vne):287.7 mph [463 km/h]PerformancePBS TJ-100 TurbojetEmpty Weight500 lbs. [226.8 kg]Max Range (no reserve)412 milesMax Range (30 min. reserve)304 milesCruise Speed (Average)230-240 mph (TAS)Cruise Speed (Max Range)232 mph (TAS) @ 17,500" mslMax Thrust (PBS TJ-100 E3S)258.53 lbf [1150 N]T.O. Distance1200 ftLanding Distance2000 ftUtility CategoryPBS TJ-100 TurbojetGross Weight1000 lbs [453.6 kg]Useful Load (average)500 lbs [226.8 kg]Rate of Climb, SL1600 fpmRate of Climb, Avg to 10,000"1225 fpmPositive Load Factor+4.4 GsNegative Load Factor-2.2 GsCG Limits20-32% Wing ChordAerobatic CategoryPBS TJ-100 TurbojetGross Weight900 lbs [408.23 kg]Useful Load (average)400 lbs [181.44 kg]Rate of Climb, SL1958 fpmRate of Climb, Avg to 10,000"1465 fpmThrust to Weight at Aerobatic Max Gross1:3.48Thrust to Weight w/Light Fuel Load1:3.26Positive Load Factor+6 GsNegative Load Factor-3 GsCG Limits25-29% Wing Chord
Current date: 2021-12-30