1977 WEEDHOPPER A 1970 s era WEEDHOPPER B ultralight kit. Includes specially bent aluminum tubing.

Model Year: 1977? Make: WEEDHOPPER

A 1970"s era WEEDHOPPER Model B ultralight kit. Includes specially bent aluminum tubing, connecting fittings, cables, Arizona Air Sports Inc. 52" propeller and multi-color rubberized fabric wing. My friend purchased this back in the 1970"s from an ad in Popular Science Magazine. He did assemble it at one time in Oklahoma but it never had an engine. He took it apart, moved it to Arizona, stuck it in the crawl space under his trailer and it stayed there for 35 years until now.
I believe it to be basically complete, but do not know for sure. Pieces and parts may be missing. Does not include an engine, wheels or tires. Only the parts shown in the photos.
The tubing is in good condition, but has a bit of oxidation (see photos). Some of the wooden inserts in the tubing where bolts pass through are cracked (just the wood - see photos) due to age. One tube has a dent right at the end. (See photos). The rubberized wing fabric is 99% good. Just a few small repairs are needed. The Arizona Air Sports Inc. 52" propeller has peeling varnish and is in fair condition. Not sure if could be refinished to make airworthy or not.
Includes some rusty nuts and bolts installed in the tubing, but no loose hardware other than shown.
Here is a link to assembly plans: http:/ freeweedhopperplans.com/B-Model.htm
Local pickup. Pieces and parts are bundled and strapped together. The longest tube is almost 18 feet long.
Located in Florence, Arizona, United States.
Current date: 2019-03-17