For sale is 1963 M20D converted to M20C: the ultimate frugal flying machine. All ADs complied, Basic.

For sale is 1963 M20D converted to M20C: the ultimate frugal flying machine. All ADs complied, Basic plane, not very pretty (worn paint, upholstery, etc.), but flown and maintained regularly for over six years. No gaps in annuals, always flown regularly since new. Annual till 04/22.New ADS-B, new ELT, battery, starter, tacho, Camguard in oil, etc. Based in KHWO (near Miami). ACTT 5,500, ENGINE: 180 hp, Lycoming0-360-AID TTSN 3,850, TTSMOH: 1,920 - PROPELLER: 2-Blade Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF,TSOH 10 hrs. - all are approximate times. Compressions 70,76,73,74. (70 registered on the newly replaced cylinder right after the replacement, so it will go up), EQUIPMENT: VFR Equipped, NAV-COMM Narco MK 12D, VOR indicator, Transponder Narco, ELT Artex345, portable intercom, GPS Garmin 196in dashboard cradle, iPad cradle, GT-50Flight Data System, ADSB-Out UAvionics SkyBeacon, raft, cover, solar tricklecharger, Gross Weight 2,575 lbs,Top speed: 165 kts, Fuel Capacity: 48 gal, Complex airplane (constant speed propeller, retractable manual gear), 4 seats, typ. cruise ~130-135 knots, low fuel consumption (~9 gph). RANGE: ~650nm, CEILING: 17200 ft. cURRENTLY ALSO LISTED locally, so may need to end the auction early. The sale entirely benefits a 501c3 charity: Building Enclosure Institute.The ”D” was a fixed-gear option of “C” version. Almost all “D” aircraft, including this one, were immediately converted to “C” version, as it was less expensive than purchasing a new “C” model. The “C” was in continuous production for 15 years. It came with the ultra-reliable 0-360 180h.p. Lycoming engine, in an airplane with a strong, single-piece wing that is thinner than most, and with a smooth fuselage that has a smaller cross section than Piper, Cessna or Beech, making it the fastest airplane among its competitors. Therefore, it is known for its speed per the horsepower, as well as it’s rugged, reliable construction and smooth ride in turbulence, due to the1-piece wing! All the later Mooney models, use the M20C as a starting point, with very few modifications to its wing and fuselage, indicating this design stood the test of time.Perfect for cross-country trips on a budget. Few ADs make annuals relatively inexpensive in comparison with other brands. In-person inspection required. $500 deposit required within 24 hours. I could ferry up to 500 miles, after the full payment clears. Four questions that I frequently get: 1) How long was it in Florida, is there any corrosion? Answer: almost 7 years in Florida. Yes, corrosion always shows up here and there, but it has been is continually addressed at annuals, e.g, the last time there was some rust in the battery compartment, but it was taken care of.2) Are there any fuel leaks? Answer: Yes, of course, Mooneys always leak fuel under wings, and this one is no different. There are small greenish spots near fastener heads below the tanks, but per our mechanic they have always qualified under the respective tolerances at annuals, so there was no need to deal with them.3) Could you share a video/ photos/ log scans? I shot a video two days ago when I had to fly to Sarasota, and posted on YT: here Addtl. photos and logs need to be requested individually.4) When/where can I come and see it? There is a lot of interest, and interested buyers keep scheduling and rescheduling their trips here, but nobody showed up yet from out of town. According to Murphy"s law, two buyers would surely show up with cash in hand at the same time, and I would like to prevent such a situation, but I cannot be expected to act as a full time coordinator. Current date: 2021-12-20