Benson 1983 1983 DEC. 22 is stamped on the rotor head tag. This is a B 8 20B (b is for boat version.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Benson
Model Year: 1983
1983 DEC. 22 is stamped on the rotor head tag. This is a B-8 20B (b is for boat version but obviously this has wheels). I bought this used and added a GPS speed meter. It has the Dwyer wind speed meter as backup to the GPS one. It is in decent condition complete with tow hook. As this is a glider version, no motor, it is license free. I have a Rotax 532 engine for this as an upgrade I will be selling separately. This is the original factory Benson gyrocopter version. It needs to be towed by a vehicle and a long rope. It is a good training vehicle or a base to add a motor. Several had subaru, McCollough, VW motors and Rotax engines added. The aluminum blades are in good shape and are attached easily with 4 bolts each blade. It has a front wheel simple brake as well as rudder and front wheel steering. This is being sold as is. I can provide any more pictures or if in Massachusetts you can stop by and see it. Shipping is your responsibility it is sold from Holliston MA 01746. I brought it here with a truck rented from homedepot. The blades are easily removed and it has tires so it can get up the ramp. it isnt too heavy. Paypal accepted no checks or credit cards.
Current date: 2020-09-17