Cessna 172 1960 Cessna 172A for Sale. Hangered at KBQK Brunswick GA Plane is in terrific condition.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna 172
1960 Cessna 172A for Sale. Hangered at KBQK Brunswick GA Plane is in terrific condition and well taken care of. Paint is 7/8 out of 10 with nice shine, Interior and updated panel are pretty much perfect and one of the nicest you will find in a Cessna of this year. Well It’s happened! As much as I love her I am transitioning to complex plane. Plane has no damage history and flys hands off with nice balance and the engine just purrs like a sewing machine. (The 6 cylinder continentals are bulletproof smooth running engines). I finished up my license in this plane in 07 and have enjoyed flying all over GA and Florida. Never used as a trainer or leased out. All logbooks from the day she flew out of the Cessna factory. Plane is out of annual and I will be getting full annual done in the next 2 weeks. Also comes with full perfect condition cabin/window cover and cowl plugs. (The nice one that covers fuel caps on wings and side widows). This is a clean straight well taken care of plane that is just a blast to fly with no issues. No corrosion. I welcome any buyer to come look at plane prior to bidding. She will be ready for flying in a few weeks with complete annual (will be a complete annual and I suspect new battery,transponder battery and pitot static check.) So I am listing early on for interested buyers. Last annual all comps in mid to high 70’s. First year of swept tail and with fastback. Only the 1960 172A has this combo and all those Cessna folks know it makes her near neck breaking speed along with the Cessna landomatic and you are a true aviator (smile) There is a YouTube video of her flying, look for video (Flying a Cessna 172 - Brunswick St. Simons Island Sunset Cruise). 4323 TT 1206 SMOH 271 STOH Continental O-300-C Rolls Royce 145HP McCauley Prop Hangered Excellent Glass And Rosen visors Perfect Interior New front seat belts with shoulder harness Updated panel and newer instruments with modern attitude and DI Klaxon breakers (no fuses) New modern throttle mixture controls Concord battery Narco Navcom W/VOR KING transponder W/mode C 4place flightcom intercom push to talk on both yokes Slick Mags with newer plug wires and tempest plugs Factory rebuilt strobe STC’d fiberglass performance wingtips All tires have are like new with 20 or so landings. Panel mounted Garmin 550 with weather and annunciation. Factory serviced and updated EI 6 cylinder and exhaust temp gauge Rebuilt front fork linkage with shims. 0 shimmy from front wheel Replaced steering linkage boots Replaced engine mounts and engine firewall mounts Replaced yoke slides and universal joints. Updated strobe flasher for Nav Lights No Corrosion but Corrosion X used every 4th annual. (Just for peace of mind) 4 or 5 years ago plane was stripped inside and all control cables cleaned/lubed and checked along with fuel system lines and selector valve. Inside belly cleaned and checked also.
Current date: 2019-10-20