1977 Piper $170,000 OBO Next annual due 10 2020, flying monthly for past year, extensive 2018 annual.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1977
Make: Piper
$170,000 OBO
Next annual due 10/2020, flying monthly for past year, extensive 2018 annual @ Diamond Aire in Kalispell, MT the Aztec STC headquarters. Brakes bled, gear & flap actuators serviced, gear bearings repacked, oxygen system tested & full with 6 masks, prop brushes/boots inspected/tested new hot plate ready to install in 20 mins for full de-ice. No damage history. Full Logs. 177.2 gallons usable. 30 gallons/hour 165kts @ 6,000 feet. We have not used oxygen but 200+kts in low flight levels possible.
No squawks.
Lycoming TIO-540-C1A 250HP 8.5/1 compression. Great engines. Both 1230 SMOH, 2000 TBO. Right/80 #1 76 #2 76 #3 76 #4 75 #5 78 #6 78 Left/80 #1 79 #2 75 #3 78 #4 74 #5 72 #6 70 Engines always operated with care. Mixture set 1525F or cooler (125F rich of peak per POH). 20""+ of Manifold power kept in during descents always, power reduced gradually during descents...no shock cooling. Turbos always cooled for 5 minutes on the ground per Lycoming manual.
Both engines produce 35""+ Manifold of Turbo Boost. Manifold needles react within a second or two so waste gates not too sticky. One turbo overhauled in 2018. New baffles then and other engine work. JPI EDM 790 installed then, 2 TITs, 12 CHTs/EGTs, 2 Oil Temps, OAT, etc. At 26"" Manifold & 2,400 RPM (Medium Power Cruise - POH) all CHTs between 350F-380F @ 6,000" & OAT 60F, 165kts which matches POH/book table exactly...engines cruising superb.
JPI EDM 790 Engine Monitor Aspen 1000 PFD S-TEC 55X Autopilot Garmin 430 & 530 WAAS GMA340 Audio Panel King KT-76A Mode CKing KR-76 ADF
Great looking exterior with minor paint missing in a few places but overall shows very well. Interior is decent...spacious for 6 people more than any other light twin. We fit 6 full size suitcases in nose and rear baggage compartments.
~2,000 useful load.
I can deliver the plane anywhere worldwide.
Current date: 2019-10-06